December 14, 2010

Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!

No I'm not riding on last week's Glee episode's coat tails. We've been in full Grinch mode for months practicing for the WSPA holiday show hosted by Riley's musical theater group. The junior company is doing Grinch while the senior company is singing Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm wishing right now that I took a picture of Cindy Lou Who's hair the other day from dress rehearsal. Here's my first practice run. . . to see if the hair was even possible a few months ago. It is a bad mess but it'll give you a good laugh.

And now onto The Sampler business. Here's more Grinch inspiration for you. It's a canvas door hanger. It was a fun little project I did this morning with all the bits of scrap I had left over from the kit. By the way, if you have a  digital cutter that can cut any font and does not need a cartridge, you can find the Grinch font at As you can see, I cut up some of the canvas tags in the kit and even hung bells from the one with the metal eyelet. Super fun but yes. . . I'm covered in micro glitter again.