August 2, 2010

August is here!

And so is the new Sampler kit. Here was the first project I created from the kit. I had a bracelet bender and blanks from years ago when I did polymer clay. I recently found all the blanks so I decide I would make Riley a bracelet. The thing I liked least about the blanks is that it's a 1" rectangular shape with sharp corners so I decided I was putting the Chomper up to a challenge to round the corners. It took a little muscle but I got all four corners done. At first I thought it was going to break but after I did one, I had to do the other three whether it was going to break the tool or not. It's kind of like a haircut. . . you start it so you really have to finish it.

I next colored the sides and back with the alcohol pen that came in last month's kit. It wasn't the coverage I got so as you can see I covered that with fabric. Then I bent the bracelet into shape. I took a tiny piece of Echo Park paper and layered it with the diagonal stripe. Using Diamond Glaze instead of resin because of the time involved, I painted four layers on and dried each with the heat gun. Yes. . . impatient but it was QUICK. Then I took a little more Diamond Glaze and mixed in Perfect Pearls. Probably two more layers later, I was ready to glue on the bling. The final part was the white ribbon (again, July kit) and cut it in half and glued it to the bracelet. Then I took a scrap of the left over Dorothy costume fabric and glued it to the inside of the blank. And now I have a 5 year old that will not part with her bracelet. All in all, this took me less than a half hour and I just may make a few more.


Bonnie said...

Riley has the best accessories.