January 1, 2010

Baking has not stopped!

Happy New Year everyone! I am still working on finishing up an altered book. I ran out of ink for a few days and with the Epson R1900, you can't print at all if it runs out of one of the 8 cartridges. And it seems as though only Fry's has the ink which is 30 miles away. Would have figured I would have been more prepared. Oh well.

Anyhow I started off the year baking. I don't think I've really stopped yet. Butter and chocolate are actually my natural scent now. Today is my nephew's birthday so Riley and I made our own version of a Hostess Cupcake. Lots of butter. . . haha doesn't that make everything better? I hope to be back with some scrapbooking. I think I've lost my scrapping motivation. Think it might be because I let all those photos I've taken the past few months get the better of me.


Bonnie said...

My brother works at Fry's! I'll trade you ink cartridges for chocolate.