January 6, 2010

ABC magnetic board

I used Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket to make alphabet and number magnets for this Making Memories magnetic modular panel. Don't ask why I bought it. I have no clue. But now it is used to teach Riley to read and spell. Yesterday I spent a few ours having the Pazzles cut out 4" letters and numbers from the Cosmo Cricket cardstock and magnet sheets. I got the magnets while I worked at Yahoo and they wanted me to take more but I thought I 1) would never use them all and 2) they thought I was crazy for wanting them. They were heavy so I really only wanted the one box.

I was so tempted to decorate this 14" panel but it wouldn't leave much room for spelling, now would it? If you tell me yes, I'll keep going. Hahahaha! 

I also designed the flower in Illustrator and then used the Pazzles to cut each one out and do all the necessary cutting to make these roses. Sprayed them with a few shades of Glimmer Mist for a subtle look.


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