December 16, 2009

Fake Santa ALERT!

I was talking with Riley in the car tonight about sitting on Santa's lap today and she said that she's going to tell Santa what she told the guy today about wanting a toy puppy.

Me: Why? He is the real Santa.
Riley: No, he was a fake Santa.
Me: Why do you think he's a fake Santa?
Riley: Because he was wearing pants.
Me: What kind of pants?
Riley: He was wearing blue pants, like jeans.

So I came home and sure enough in this photo of Victoria and Santa there were pants. Victoria and Riley must have been talking about this because I kept looking at them look over at his feet but I just didn't know why. In all of Riley's photos with this impersonator, I actually never got close to his feet. Maybe she will forget and all will be good. But then again, she doesn't forget anything.


Bonnie said...

That's hilarious with the arrows and all.