June 2, 2009

Painted paper layouts

These are the painted paper layouts (and one orange canvas with Hambly transparency) I did for the Donna Downey canvas album. They were all simple to go with what we had done in class. Honestly it was difficult to come up with something different, yet simple to keep with the theme. And the handout wasn't too much help because we did variations of the pages because she got confused with her two sample books. Once I got the pages into the protectors, they seemed flat compared to the canvas pages. And the protectors are a bit short of 8" so the pages slip around. So I took additional embellishments and glued them onto the page protectors. But that was all an after thought once the photos were shot.


rachaelwood said...

wow, great technique! I tend to shy away from my paints just because it's too much clean up. But you really rocked these! And I LOVE those giant sunglasses, super cute!

Check out my blog! I've got a challenge for you and a Cosmo goody!

Susan Lepore said...

Hi Alaina!
I've nominated you as a "Kreativ Blogger" ... stop by my blog (http://susanlepore.blogspot.com) to check it out!
By the way ... your Donna pages and album look super! I'll be taking that same class with her next month here in south Florida, can't wait!