June 10, 2009

Even with the flu. . .

I scrap. I have these crazy moments when I buy papers that aren't quite me. I'm not into vintage but I couldn't help buying two sheets of Webster Pages. I guess they appeal because they are different. So I thought about what papers could go with one of them. . . none in my collection. I'm not good at mixing and matching paper lines. I've been meaning to try something out for a long time but never got around to it. I created a custom mask on my Pazzles and it worked beautifully. Placing it on the paper took a few minutes because it was a cut that wanted to tangle. Spritzed it with two colors of Glimmer Mist to give it a bit of interest. I commited myself to using my stash so I grabbed an old Fancy Pants Crush paper for background paper. Punched the stitch holes with the Pazzles and it didn't put it in the place I wanted so I just tore around the stitches. Used Prima flowers and felt. Went into my sticker drawer and out came an old Quick Quotes vellum piece. Felt like it was lacking interest, so I stamped a Glitz Girls distress stamp. As always, the layout didn't turn out as I had planned but I like it.