April 3, 2009

Where are those damn magnets?

It's been almost 72 hours and I've gone scavenger hunting 6 times. No magnets! It's disgusting even with rubber gloves I took from the hospital. My mom didn't even do it. . .gave me the pleasure again today. I used to be able to have her change the yucky diapers saying Riley was on her time. Obviously doesn't work for me anymore. Michael. . . yeah. . . NO he doesn't.

Riley's got a new name of Magneto. Think she's tired of me calling her that. But until it comes out, she will be the Magneto whether she likes it or not. Guess it's good timing for all the X-Men movie leaks. Now if I could only get over the scrapper's block. I think I'll upload the 300 pictures Riley took in the hour following her x-rays and maybe something will come to me. I think my block is due to have papers with flowers and are all girly. This incident does not deserve flowers, owls, deers, or anything.