November 12, 2008

No Aloha

Riley has hula class on Fridays. We just can't figure out why she doesn't dance. She loves to dance. Lilo does the hula and Riley loves it. But no. Riley gets into the class and just stands there and watches the other kids. I tried to get her to say she didn't want to go to hula anymore but she won't. She says she likes it. We even have to watch the video of little girls dancing to the Lilo hula dance they do in the movie every night. . . over and over again.

Hula is at the bottom of her list of course. Ballet and Tap are her favorite. She makes me dance with her at home all the time. I guess I should just hope that she goes on stage next month for their recital. I think hula even comes after scrapbooking. She told me yesterday I couldn't scrapbook anymore. Michael got all excited but I twisted it and Riley in the end wanted to scrapbook with me so there's no ban on scrapping.

On another note, I got my new blade holder from Pazzles. I was hesitant that the holder they were sending me was going to fix my machine after the update. I'm so happy it works. And the update actually fixed the problem it used to have with cutting circles. Stay tuned because I should have a photo of the Mickey shadow box tomorrow. The "grinder" is back in business!