November 10, 2008

Attempt to grow a plant

The kids in Classroom 2 thought that it would be fun to have their own plants -- or so the school's newsletter says. What got into the 2-4 year olds to want to have plants, especially Riley? Gees mommy and daddy kill plants. Riley's lucky she's alive at the rate we kill things in our house. No secret whatsoever. . . .don't give us plants unless you want it to become landfill.

Riley and I went to Lowe's to buy a plant for school. Of course the plant had to have pink flowers. There was one African Violet with barely alive pink flowers and Riley had to have it. Before we got home she had plucked it of two healthy leaves (yeah that's my girl). After daddy got home we went to Daiso and bought a white pot. I had doodled on the pot so Riley would know it was hers. I actually wrote her name and flowers all around the rim so they could not hide the fact that we like to show off our creativity. BTW I'm still hurt they tried to hide her beautifully decorated emergency clothes box in her cubby. I can't help it if the other parents don't do the same.

Anyways I think she had fun picking her plant.


dorism6220 said...

If you put the leaves in water, they will root and you can have more plants!